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Sandy River Track auto

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16mm Narrow Gauge Products

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On this page: Loco, Coach & Wagon Fittings

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Parts and accessories are mainly injection moulded in polystyrene (usually medium grey colour).


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NA3 Coach Doorhandles (12) £2.30

Based on Talyllyn type, also includes dummy hinges and hinges & catch for inwards opening guard's door. Two mouldings per pack = 12 doors.

NA4 Hooks & Eyes for safety chains plus coupling hooks £2.30

Two mouldings per pack = 8 Hooks & eyes, 4 larger hooks & 2 hooks for 3-link couplings. Used on prototype coaches and some wagons that had couplings thought not to be 100% reliable! There were usually two at each end of the vehicle.

NA5 180 Nut & Bolt Heads £2.00

Several sizes in square & hexagonal. Two mouldings per pack (total "heads" approx. 180). They are not suitable for hot surfaces.

NA6 Assorted Brake/steam Handwheels & gauges £2.00

Two brake wheels, 3 round and 4 curly valvewheels, plus 2 sizes of pressure gauges. Smokebox door handle & loco regulator

NA7 230 Rivet Heads (one size) £2.00

Make your scratch-built models look as though they're just held together by glue.
Two mouldings per pack = total rivet "heads" approx. 230, 1·5mm diameter. They are not suitable for hot surfaces. Click "More…" for suggested way to apply rivets.

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To avoid losing the rivet heads, it is best to cut them from the sprue inside a clear polythene bag. Hold the knife at an angle, and cut down the "slope" of the rivet towards the base. This will reduce the likelihood of leaving part of the feed attached. To apply, draw a pencil line along the rivet line's position and mark even-spaced (or as on the prototype) lines across the rivet line. Regularly spaced and straight lines of rivets will look far better than uneven and wandering ones, even if there aren't the same number as the prototype. Pick the rivet head up with the point of a sharp knife or scalpel and position. Apply a small drop of solvent, which should flow under the rivet head and hold it in place. If using a thicker type, such as "Liquid poly" or Revell "Contacta Pro", it should be possible to put the drop of solvent on the rivet's position, and then press the rivet head down on top of it.

NA11 Centre Buffers £3.50

One pair – with metal hooks. Requires chain – this can be made by wrapping wire round an oval former and cutting with a fine saw to make links.

NA12 Coach/wagon Sprung Buffers £4.20

Set of four – based on Talyllyn Railway coach type. They can be glued to the bufferbeam,
or the dummy bolt heads can be cut off to reveal holes for pins (for wood bufferbeams).

NA13 Handrail Knobs £2.00

Pack of 12 - 8 with hole right through, 4 with half depth hole. Takes 1·5mm, 1·6mm or 1/16" rod. Two mouldings per pack = 12 handrail knobs.

NA14 Loco Headlight L & BR type £2.50

Large light based on L & B type. with 9mm dia. "lens".
Can be lit with L1 Yellow LED (2000mcd brightness) for a lit-up effect, or L19 Warm White LED (28000mcd brightness) which should actually give out some light.

NA15 Glyn Valley Coach Door Vents £1.30
picture of Coach Door Vents

Set of four over-door vents for coaches, based on GVT type.

NA16 Simplex type Radiator Front £1.30

41mm high x 24mm wide.
NOTE: you will need TWO of these to make a free-standing radiator for use on a Simplex type loco.

NA17 Louvres for detailing locos etc. £2.00

- 3 sizes in a pack, ready spaced. There are two mouldings per pack, each consisting of – 8 louvres x 18mm, 8 louvres x 12mm, 12 louvres x 8·5mm.
Top picture shows appearance when painted.

NA18 Plastic Box 75mm x 50mm x 35mm (L x W x H) £1.40

Similar to NA19 below. The corners could be rounded off to give a "tub" appearance.
The higher postage rate applies to these.

NA19 Plastic Box 100mm x 60mm x 25mm (L x W x H) £2.00

Use NA18 & NA19 for quick wagon bodies - decorate with plastic strip & NA7 Rivets
The higher postage rate applies to these.

NA20 Ford 'A' Type Radiator £1.30

31·5mm high x 29·5mm wide. Use on railbuses e.g. smaller Irish types, or Sandy River prototypes (or even road vehicles!).

NA21 Detailing parts for Simplex Locos £4.20

Brake Wheel & Handle plus supporting frame, four sandboxes, chequer plate for driver's footplate, gearbox end detail,
starter handle guide, clutch pedal and support bracket for silencer.
Some parts based on Rye & Camber "Kent Construction/Hibberd" loco. The silencer support bracket is based on the loco that was used at Chichester Sewage Works. This loco was used on a temporary line at Chichester station on 11 July 1981, marking the centenary of the line to Midhurst. By then, this was only still there as far as Lavant.
See also NA16, NA26 and NA34 for other Simplex parts.

NA23 Radiator Panel £1.30

Flat panel for locos or larger railcars. 48mm high x 29mm wide. The prototype is the roof mounted panels on Belgian SNCV Autorails.
See an HO Model of an Autorail >

NA24 Diesel Horns £1.30

One each of 20mm long & 25mm long (supplied in "halves" to glue together).
The prototype was fitted to the roofs of Belgian SNCV Autorails (4w diesel tram).

NA25 Pressed-type Loco Seat £1.30

As used on small diesel locos. 20mm wide x 19mm deep.

NA29 Railcar Headlight £2.30
NA29 Railcar Headlight

Based on Sandy River Railcar type. Approx.12mm dia. at the front. Pack is ONE headlight.
Can be lit with L14 White LED.
Picture shows two fitted to a railcar. It also shows NA17 Louvres and NA30 Cowcatcher.

NA30 Cowcatcher £3.50

Based on Sandy River Railcar/Track Auto type. Requires assembly.
Plastic frame with wire for the "bars".
Size of back frame: 48mm wide x 24mm high. (See NA29 picture above)

NA31 GVT-type Coach End Steps £2.00
NA31 GVT-type Coach End Steps

Set of four steps (i.e. two mouldings as shown per pack).
Requires supplied bolt head detail applying.
Steps are approx.11mm wide x 8mm deep, 4mm high.

NA32 Loco Brake Standard £2.00

Handle type. Requires assembly.
Approx. 56mm high to top of boss, but can be shortened.

NA33 Guard's Brake Standard £2.00
NA33 Guard's Brake Standard

With Handwheel. Requires assembly.
Approx. 57mm high to to top of wheel, but can be shortened.

NA35 "Ruston" Loco Radiator Grille £2.00
NA35 'Ruston' Loco Radiator Grille

This style of grille was used on various Ruston loco designs.
Approx. 19·5mm wide, 17mm high.

NA36 Verandah Coach Roof Brackets £2.30
NA36  Verandah Coach Roof Brackets

Based on brackets on the W & L Zillertalbahn coaches, which support the overhanging roof on the verandahs.
Approx. 20mm along the straight edges. They could also be used as supports for wall-mounted lamps.

NA37 Platform Canopy Valance £2.95
NA37 Platform Canopy Valance

Pack of two. Can be joined end to end.
Approx. 144mm per length.

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