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Sandy River Track auto

16mm Narrow Gauge Products


Recent changes (October 2015): please note that NW1, NW2, NW9 wheels, and NF1 & NF3 figures, are no longer available.

Ordering using our email form is now easier as the item boxes have "autocomplete" descriptions (and the drop-down list style has been improved).
A new page with trains caught by the Google Streetview cameras has been added. Their cameras recorded one of the few remaining British industrial narrow gauge railways, at Chilmark in Wiltshire. Includes some of our pictures as well.

Ordering information & our address is now on the "How to order" page.

Sections and what's in them:

Plastic parts are injection moulded in polystyrene (usually medium grey colour). Some items, such as NA11 Centre Buffer/coupling and NA12 Buffers, have some metal parts.
Prices include 20% VAT.